The report provides a comprehensive summary of the Australian gambling literature from 1992 to June 2008 with an emphasis, wherever possible, on material produced in the period 2003-2008. This report is a 12 month update report on the first report dated August 2008 prepared by Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide, South Australia.

Material for the review was mainly drawn from the Australasian Gambling Review (AGR) produced annually by Delfabbro and LeCouteur (2009) for the Independent Gambling Authority in South Australia. The AGR is publicly available from the IGA website. An analytical framework was employed by the author in considering the utility of the research in terms of its ability to inform national and inter-jurisdictional policy.

The report provides a summary of the research under each of five topics:

  • prevalence
  • impact of problem gambling
  • EGMs and their role in gambling and problem gambling
  • harm minimisation strategies, interventions and services
  • economic and geographical impact studies.