This was undertaken by researchers from Southern Cross University, University of Sydney, University of Lethbridge and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre to establish who, what, when, why and how people gamble, using interactive technology in Australia. Interactive gambling is a joint term capturing gaming and wagering on the Internet. This study is the most comprehensive examination of interactive gambling in Australia, and one of the most extensive studies internationally. It makes a significant contribution to the understanding of interactive gambling.

The study used complementary research methods comprising:

  • a nationally representative telephone survey (N=15,006)
  • an online survey of gamblers (N=4,594)
  • interviews with interactive gamblers (N=50)
  • Interviews with interactive gamblers seeking treatment (N=31)
  • collection of data from gambling help services

Interactive gamblers are a heterogeneous population but there appear to be significant differences between this group and land based gamblers. GRA has recently commissioned Central Queensland University to undertake an update of the study.