This is a report on a research project investigating Innovative Gambling Products in Australia commissioned by Gambling Research Australia. It is difficult to precisely define 'innovation' in the context of gambling products, because innovation is always bound to the present state of technological development. Technology has profoundly influenced the experience of play on Poker Machines, for instance, although the impact of the electronic revolution has taken place progressively over the past 40+ years. More recently, the automation of other traditional games; including casino table-games, bingo, race wagering and sports betting; is providing distinctly new gambling experiences to consumers. The effect of these contemporary innovations on player behaviour in comparison to their traditional counterparts is the primary focus of this current research project and report.

The project was devised to answer the principal research questions posed by Gambling Research Australia:

Q.1  What are the impacts on gamblers attitudes and behaviour that result from the newer presentations of traditional products?
Q.2  To what extent (if at all) do current changes in traditional products such as table games, bingo and wagering encourage riskier play?