This exploratory study provides an analysis of why gamblers choose to gamble where they do and an analysis of venue characteristics to determine the features of different types of premises that are more or less likely to attract and/or maintain problem gamblers.

The study was commissioned by Gambling Research Australia and undertaken by the Centre for Gambling Education and Research, Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW.

The authors highlight that the study is not without its limitations and while sample sizes to both the national telephone survey and problem gambler client survey were of reasonable size, some analysis could not be undertaken as the required sub-samples were too small.

The findings from the study should be construed as indicative, however, it should be noted that the study contributes to a better understanding of the issues.

In choosing where to gamble, gamblers (from the national survey), and problem gamblers in treatment, prioritised good service, a safe and secure environment, while EGM gamblers also preferred low denomination machines. Those who gamble at the TAB preferred a location convenient to home.

Potential risk factors identified for the general population of gamblers and problem gamblers in treatment whose most frequented venue is a hotel, club or casino; or a stand-alone TAB includes:

  • gambler based risk factor for the general population of gamblers was extended opening hours
  • venue-based risk factors TAB clients include that the TAB is easy to get to and has easy access to an ATM
  • venue based risk factors for problem gamblers in treatment included the venue has extended opening hours and there is easy access to ATMs in venues.