The Impact of Electronic Gambling Machine Jackpots on Gambling Behaviour was a two year research study undertaken by Central Queensland University. 

The key research question that this study answers is: "Do jackpots and linked jackpots increase the likelihood of risky gambling behaviour and gambling related harm, and to what extent do jackpots enhance the player experience?" 

The researcher used two methodologies:

  • lab-based experiments that simulated features of common types of jackpots; and
  • an-invenue shadowing study whereby the researchers followed and recorded the play of volunteer EGM gamblers.
  1. The report found that EGM jackpots have a demonstrable influence on intensification of player behaviour.
  2. It demonstrates that high level jackpot machines intensify  betting behaviour and are differentially attractive to at risk players.
  3. It found little evidence for large differences in enjoyment based on the jackpot features of machines.