This project was undertaken by researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of Canberra. 

The aim was to undertake research to contribute to identifying problem gambling in gambling venues. 

A literature review examined the link between identifying problem gamblers at venues and current provisions of responsibility in Australia and found that a public health approach towards minimising harm associated with gambling was adopted by all states.

The empirical research had three components: 

  1. Surveys and consultation with industry staff and problem gambling counsellors
  2. A detailed survey study of regular gamblers
  3. Observations at venues.

The researchers concluded that the identification of problem gamblers within venues is certainly theoretically possible, and that there are a number of visible indicators that can be used to differentiate problem players in situ from others who gamble.

Amendment to the report

An amendment has been made to the report which corrects information on page 49 (of the complete report) and on Page 48 (of Chapter 2). The amendment reads as: "Similarly, Betsafe, launched in 1998, was developed by the Paul Symond consultancy, a private organisation that provides counselling, training, and evaluation services."