Analysis of Gambler Pre-commitment Behaviour (2006)

The Ministerial Council on Gambling has nominated six national research priorities for gambling research. Gambling Research Australia oversees the research agenda. This report has been prepared in response to the second of six national research priorities for gambling research. This priority involves conducting research into the: Feasibility and consequences of changes to gaming machine operations such as pre-commitment of loss limits, phasing out note acceptors, imposition of mandatory breaks in play and the impact of linked jackpots.

The research report: Analysis of Gambler Pre-commitment Behaviour can be found below. The report is available as a complete copy (5901KB) and also in smaller sections for faster downloading.

Follow the links below for Detailed Findings and Interpretation:

  1. How budgets are set for gambling
  2. Basis and nature of pre-commitment in gambling
  3. Gambler experience with pre-commitment
  4. Triggers for exceeding limits
  5. Control strategies used to keep to limits
  6. Views about future options for setting limits
  7. Views about card based gambling

Appendices = A - Qualitative Survey: B - Verbatim Comments

Analysis of Gambler Pre-commitment Behaviour (June 2006)

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Author: Gambling Research Australia
Publisher: Gambling Research Australia
Date of Publication: March 2006
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